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5 Reasons To Add Video Conferencing in Healthcare Industry

Rather than waiting for hours in the examination room, traveling miles to the hospital, Video conferencing is 34 times more cost-effective and satisfactory for patients

As the sign of real-time conversations establishment, United Healthcare has announced a great deal of partnership with significant and popular telemedicine companies execute video-based doctor visit just like the in-person visit. We’re pretty much aware that delivering the best possible care to patients is the most significant phrase on every wall of hospitals. To make this happen, adequate communication among doctors, patients and medical professionals is the prime factor to achieve better patient care.

Video Conferencing is into the era of addressing the importance of communication in the healthcare industry. It can help to collaborate with a specialist all around the world and extent better patient care. Right from diagnosis, multiple doctor meetings, and doctor consultation with patients, Video conferencing can connect doctors with patients and ultimately it has the potential to grow the hospital business.

We shall be thankful for every HIPAA Compliant video conferencing software that can reduce the travel cost for patients which is regarded as the significant factor this emerging gimmick. Let us walk through some of the benefits that the healthcare industry can yield with video conferencing.

Prime Factor - Saving Travel Cost

1) Even if you are miles away from the hospital, doctors can instantly have video conferencing with you at any time anywhere.
2) Can consult doctors on treatment and receive diagnosis result without moving away from your home.
3) Doctors can reduce travel cost that is associated with meetings, consultations & training where doctors are supposed to visit so many hospitals in different cities and countries.

Utmost Action Every Healthcare Organization Should Remember - Quality Care To Patients

1) Patients can instantly access doctors time where most of the health issues can be resolved.

2) With the virtual connection with patients, doctors can examine the X-rays, ear canal & helps to provide the diagnosis in real-time even from a laptop, system or smartphone.

3) Patients can get a personalized caring & consultation from doctors 24x7 with initial consultations and follow-up visit right from their home.

4) With HD video conferencing right from any device, reduces hospital admissions by 38%.

Enhances Knowledge, Skills & Experience Matters - Creates Learning Opportunity

1) Whatever the industry, frequent update and sharpening the skills to stay competitive the field matters, Doctors need real-time training & sessions which is applicable through web-based video conferencing.

2) Doctors and medical professionals can undergo online courses, examinations, and certifications to strengthen their ability to provide better treatment.

Better Patient Outcome, Better ROI - Personalization Improves the Productivity

i) With the personalized carings, Older patients will never give a choice of the second choice on other hospitals or doctors.

ii) Web Conferencing can easily enable doctors to interview new employees right from sitting on any part of the world. Hence, reduces the transportation cost.

iii) Installation of new equipment is made pretty easy for hospital technicians through video conferencing with the respective provider.

iv) Most of the common surgeries can be handled through web-based video conferencing app where the doctor can handle multiple surgeries from one locality.

Solution for Worldwide Problems - Cutback of Doctors Shortage

i)Video conferencing can be more effective in rural communities where the transportation of doctors can be reduced.

ii)Doctors can drive more patients in the profession and drive care to a huge number of patients in the same period of time.

Wrapping Up

An investment in video conferencing is an asset for the healthcare industry and other industries where they can triple their business productivity in measuring with the actual business performance. A sublime video conferencing solution with advanced features can allow the right users to access regardless of the time and distance.

Any healthcare organization can integrate video conferencing solution into their website or platform to cut down the expenses on travel & time.

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krishi sangaran

Great tips and very easy to understand. I have just been searching for info about video conferencing for a while and yours is the greatest I have found out so far. Thank you so much for this write up man!