Terminal of choice?

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What is your terminal of choice?

I used to dabble with Hyper for some time because of the customization i could do with it, but eventually dropped it because of the poor performance compared to the default (mac) terminal and Iterm.

After i became bored with Iterm (and found it sluggish as well) i moved to the default terminal which gave me more than enough customization and most important of all, the performance i want.

But yesterday i opened Iterm again, and saw that it now includes things through its preferences (git status, upload / download speed, memory usage of the computer etc).

So for now i am moving back to Iterm 2. What is your Terminal of choice?

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I use Termite or iterm2, deepin-terminal or that new Microsoft one they made the music video for depending on the system.

They all have their ups and downs. I don't like Hyper because it's slow. I used to like Terminus on Windows because it worked and looked ok, but now it doesn't seem to do either. The Windows terminal is passable by Windows standards but still pretty breaky.

I think terminals should stay out of the way. I think things like git stats and upload speeds have no place in a terminal. There are already tools and indicators to do that for you, why bloat a terminal of all things?

I've tried kitty and alacrity and st and so on, but they've all been a bit problematic in one way or another, so I stick to the out-the-box solutions where I can.

I use iterm2 on Mac because the default terminal was a disaster last time I had to use it. Maybe it's better now, but I've moved on.


In regards to some of the git information, i like having it available to glance over when i do commits, just to easily check if i am still in the correct branch.

I probably will remove some of that functionality down the line, but for me getting out of the way might also mean that the information is there, but having to type commands to get that information is getting more in the way. But i suppose that is personal preference.

I've used the default terminal on mac for the past year and did what it had to do, but more performant than iTerm. It also for me really depends on what i have to do, do i have a single window open, or is everything split into pane chaos.


I have git info in my prompt, but that's not related to which terminal I use.


I'm using Windows Terminal Preview with Arch WSL.


Interesting! How is the performance for that? I tried out installing Ubuntu on my Windows 10 pc a few nights ago, the installation process was super smooth!


I use ConEmu at work on my Windows PC, and Mate Terminal at home on my Linux laptop

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