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Do you use gitbook, try this awesome plugin I wrote

It was a time, I was looking for a Gitbook plugin to documente my commands by showing a nice terminal in my page . However I haven't found any existing plugins that satisfy my needs so, as a developer, I decided to write my own plugin and share it with the community.

Say hello to Terminull:

Gitbook plugin terminull

Terminull is a Gitbook plugin allows you to create a modern terminal for your Gitbook pages in order to documente your commands.


  • Specify the context directory
  • Add comment to the command
  • Copy command by clicking on a button
  • Show command output

How to use it ?

To use Terminull plugin in your Gitbook project, add the terminull plugin to the book.json file of your project, then install plugins using gitbook install.

    "plugins": ["terminull"]
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Now you are ready to write your hello world terminal.
To create a terminal you can use Code markdown with term as language.
e.g :

gitbook-plugin-terminull$ echo 'hello terminull' # This will print hello terminull
hello terminull

As a result you will see this beautiful terminal in your page.
Gitbook plugin terminull

You like my work ❗

If you like this plugin you are welcome to made a pull requests to add more feature

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