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Quick tip: if Rust stopped formatting your code ...

Sometimes Rust Analyzer stops formatting my VS Code document and there is no message or explanation why.

This is just one ugly example - lines 46-53 are all over the place.

My ugly code

No matter how many times I press Ctrl+Shift+I the IDE would not fix the formatting or tell me what's wrong.

Turns out there is a simple way to find out why Rust Analyzer fails to format the document: cargo fmt. It will tell you exactly what's broken.

cargo fmt workaround

In this case it was a comment on line 44 that got in the way. The document started formatting again as soon as I removed it.

My tidy code

Beware, cargo fmt will attempt to reformat the entire project. Read more about it in or run cargo fmt -- --help for options.

I went back to several other files that were not formatting properly, ran cargo fmt on them and quickly fixed the problems. Happy coding!

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For anyone who is using vs code and has this issue:

Look for trailing spaces extension. It will highlight all trailing spaces in red and has a feature to quickly delete them all.

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Siavash Soleimanpour

it was useful for me. thanks

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Richard Wu

Thank you for figuring this out 🙏