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Introducing the First XRP Ledger Campus Ambassadors

The XRP Ledger Foundation and Ripple are excited to introduce the inaugural XRP Ledger Campus Ambassador program! Last February, 20 students from around the world were selected to share their blockchain knowledge and grow the XRP Ledger (XRPL) community across their respective campuses.

To date, they have hosted dozens of events, workshops and meetups; attended global conferences; planned hackathons across multiple universities; created educational content; and organized blockchain and crypto research reports. They’ve also achieved the enormous feat of engaging 1,000 new community members to further educate on the expansive capabilities of blockchain technology and the XRP Ledger.

As Campus Ambassadors, these students have brought their peers together to explore the many possibilities and applications of blockchain and crypto technology to empower others to start building on the XRPL. Ambassadors have also had the opportunity to connect with students on other campuses and share ideas between their blockchain clubs.

Hailing from more than 20 campuses worldwide — from Cape Town to Toronto, São Paulo to Beijing, and universities across the U.S. — the enthusiasm from the Campus Ambassadors is palpable.

“I have a sense of fulfilment in knowing that I am playing my part in educating young people in Southern Africa and exposing them to the boundless opportunities that blockchain brings about,” says Titose Chembezi of the University of Cape Town, who was also awarded an XRPL Grant for working on Nautilus Wallet. She adds, “I love the room for creativity, and it is also empowering to know that we have the backing of resources from the XRPL Community”.

The XRPL Campus Ambassador program has seen strong interest from the next generation of developers to continue building awareness around the XRPL as a sustainable, efficient blockchain and contribute to its evolution alongside new technologies.

The first cohort of the XRPL Campus Ambassador program will run until May 2022 with the next round of applications going live this summer. Follow along on the #students channel on Discord to stay up to date on the latest developments, and drop your comments in the thread below to help us welcome these newest members to the XRPL community.

For those interested in meeting with the broader community, join the XRPL Community Meetup page to attend events hosted by the Ambassadors and other community members!

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Nice to see all those ambassadors do there thing and spread knowledge of xrpledger.