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How to Make Your Open Source Project Top Tier

As I begin work on my own open-source project and create pull requests for Hacktoberfest, I wanted to share what I think makes a great open-source repo.

I boiled down what I want to see in an open source project down into three points. Here they are:

1 - Keep it to GitHub

Please don't make me go to your bug reporting site that was last updated in 1995. Staying on GitHub makes my life much easier and allows me to see all of my contributions in one spot, which makes it easier to create a resume.

2 - Listen

Don't slap the Hacktoberfest tag on your report and then run for the hills. Review pull requests and issues. If you can't help out a user right away, tell them that you are working on it.

3 - Give Feedback

If an issue gets denied, tell me why it was denied and how I can improve in the future. That helps everyone out!

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I don't believe everyone can move to GitHub that easily. Imagine they had a big project like really big. It could take a lot of time and people might be more focused on the move than being focused on fixing critical issues and security vulnerabilities.