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HacktoberFest Vibes: Sharing Knowledge

✨I love the thought of sharing. This HacktoberFest I spent sharing my knowledge of GitHub with my younger brother and his friends by introducing them to HacktoberFest and encouraging them to contribute to it. Obviously, the goodies did help a little.✨


I am a learner who loves to explore new things especially the ones that inspire me. I love reading novels, watching series, listening to music, and last but the most loved one, painting. On my career end, I love programming that is what I am pursuing in my career and I am getting to learn a lot from it. This is my 3rd HacktoberFest and I enjoy it every year with same enthusiasm.


I have been a part of it for last two years and always love to be it's part.


To introduce this idea to the younger generation I just started out with a simple calculater code. Which gave them some idea not only about project building but also PRs, Issues and contributions on open source platform.


Overall, My experience was amazing. Thank you :).

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