My first job in Tech!!

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I am very happy to announce my very first job in the technology field. I will be working as an entry level PC technician, which is still in the field that I obtained my bachelor's degree in last summer. I'm very excited to be on my way out of the industrial prison that I felt stuck in for almost 5 years. I felt I needed to share with this great community, since you all have inspired me over the last few years as I've lurked and occasionally posted. Next month starts the new adventure!

Yes, this is not a dev job, but I knew I probably wouldn't get one right away. I specialized in application programming, but feel that I still need to build my skill set on my own for now. I'm going to keep coding in my spare time, and become an avid developer eventually. For now, I'm basking in the high that is a new career in a promising field. Who knows what opportunities will become of this new job!

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A win that puts you closer to your long-term goals is definitely something to celebrate!

Also, once people see "you're good with computers", you may start offering freelancing web development services too, as people will trust you once they see you're fixing their computers, and for many, the skills "are related", even though we know they're different skills!


That didn't even cross my mind! Thanks a lot!


Yeah! I actually transitioned from doing Repair Shop work to Web Development myself, so I'm talking about my experience with that comment.

By the way, I released an open source software to manage Repair Shop tickets. It tracks customers and their tickets. Maybe it can be of use for you!

Here's the repo