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RavenDB embedded with ASP NET Core web API

This post describes how you can set up a simple ASP NET Core web API with Visual Studio 2017 to use an embedded RavenDB. This is a step by step tutorial.

a) You need to create a new ASP.NET Core Web Application with Visual Studio 2017

b) Choose .NET Core; ASP.NET Core 2.1; API

c) Right click the new project -> Manage NuGet packages

d) You have to add a new package source. Settings. New package source.

Name: MyGet


e) Choose the new source. Add:

RavenDB.Embedded – 4.1.1-nightly-20180904-0430

RavenDB.Client – 4.1.1-nightly-20180904-0430

f) Create a DocumentStoreHolder class

internal class DocumentStoreHolder
    private static Lazy<IDocumentStore> store = new Lazy<IDocumentStore>(CreateStore); 

    public static IDocumentStore Store => store.Value; 

    private static IDocumentStore CreateStore() 
        var serverOptions = new ServerOptions() 
            ServerUrl = "", 


        return EmbeddedServer.Instance.GetDocumentStore("MyRavenDBStore"); 

g) And that’s it πŸ™‚

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