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How to do a short ramp up for a junior?

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I hope you will have good ideas. A new colleauge joined I'm team and it is my task to support his ramp up. He is a fresh guy from the university. He has a good theoretical understanding for most of the topics (not all of them), but a lack of practical experience. Our project is also not easy from technical point of view.
Our project has a tight scedule and due dates are coming soon.
What is the fastest way to make him producable?

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When we ramp people up we usually like to do a combination of pair programing with them and allowing them to work on small bug tickets. The pair programming allows them to see how a more senior dev gets their work done which can be really useful for helping the new dev form some good habits. Letting them work on some bugs of their own encourages them to start developing their problem solving skills. Plus, it forces them to get into the codebase and start to know it.

Good Luck!!!


Context Frontend {

One specific thing I like to do is to give them little tasks for things they will encounter in the codebase or in the user-stories.


  • Fetching Weather-API-Data (learn to XHR)
  • Making an image-slider (learn animations, image-handling etc.)
  • Implement tabs/accordions


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