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MySQL: Client and Server Model Databases

Hello fellow Javascript coders,

In this article, we will be discussing MySQL which is a very popular database management system based on a client-server model. To get a perspective on how useful and widespread this way of structuring application is, we can take a look at the many popular webs apps that you and I use everyday including YouTube, PayPal, Google, Twitter, and Facebook. All of those platforms use MySQL to structure the different and countless amounts of data that they send and receive to and from every user on their websites.

First, let's explore what a MySQL database is. MySQL is a database management system that can run on any platform (Linux, MacOS, and Windows) and is based on SQL (Structured Query Language). MySQL runs on the client-server model which means that the MySQL server can send client interfaces to multiple users simultaneously. These interactions with the server allow the client to send individual SQL statements in order to garner a response to their user interface. These SQL statements include ADD, DROP, INSERT, and UPDATE and can be used to adequately navigate through the database and perform a desired action on each entry.

If any random client could establish a connection with a MySQL server, there could be a potential security breach if the client had malicious intent on sabotaging the server. Luckily, MySQL has security features built in to prevent the threat from happening. MySQL uses a host-based verification system that uses access privilege and passwords to keep out anonymous dangers to the server.

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