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Robin Moffatt
Robin Moffatt

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Is it OK to use the same recording for multiple conference talks?

In DevRel it's generally accepted that you write a talk and deliver it at multiple conferences. In-person, you still get a unique delivery each time. No harm, no foul.

Now in the 🦠 era of pre-recorded talks, is re-recording the same talk each time expected or appropriate?

My instinct is that re-recording is redundant, but at the same time, it feels a little bit like 'cheating' to send the same recording done for one conf over to another.

Since all confs usually put recordings online, then attendee at conference Y could already have chosen to view my same talk from conf X anyway, so does it make a difference if they see it in advance on youtube or 'live' on conf Y's platform?

Doing live Q&A for each conf is obviously where the value lies for attendees, since they still get the interaction with the speaker that way, and I'd never propose to skip that bit (heck, it's the closest we manage to human interaction without getting on ✈️)

Just a Friday afternoon's random & rambling thoughts. Comments welcome :-)

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Gerard Klijs

As long as you don't script your talk there probably be bits included in the one and not in the other right? Also tech is moving fast, so after a few moths it could already be time for an update. I think I would still re-record the talks, just to keep trying to improve.

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Mariano Rentería

Good, question I think each conference should get a different flavor of that topic...