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My background is not a traditional CompSci one. I studied Music at university, and managed to wangle my way into IT through various means, ending up doing what I do now with no formal training in coding, and a grab-bag of hacky programming attempts on my CV. My weapons of choice have been BBC Basic, VBA, ASP, and more recently some very unpythonic-Python. It’s got me by, but I figured recently I’d like to learn something new, and several people pointed to Go as a good option.

I thought it would be interesting to write up some notes as I went, because blogging is how I remember things and have a record to refer to later :) There’s also some things that puzzled me (given my background in coding so far) that I struggled to find an answer to on Google, so maybe it might even help others.

Learning Go - where to start?

Pretty simple - https://tour.golang.org/ is really good for working through and building on concepts. I’m making myself do this since there’s a bunch that I probably wouldn’t understand if I tried to skip ahead and go and start looking at real code examples. I’m glad I’ve done this as it’s forcing me to work through things that I really don’t understand, like we’re about to see…

Other materials

I’ve not tried it but this course was recommended to me on Twitter, as was this one.

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