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How Do I Fix Antimalware Service Executable High CPU Usage?

‘Antimalware Service Executable’ is a background running service of Windows Defender—(available by-default as an antivirus in Microsoft’s Windows 10) that plays a crucial role in the Windows Defender service of providing Windows 10 a real-time protection from threats and viruses. However, this Antimalware service executable service of windows 10 also became infamous for consuming a fair amount of CPU processing power, and also for reducing your computer’s speed to a huge extent.
Thus, if you have been struggling with high CPU usage due to ‘Antimalware Service’ then, here are the ways to fix it. Have a look:

Solution 1: Delete Windows Defender Directory:
To delete the Windows Defender Directory, direct yourself to the ‘C: Program’ files directory.
There, all you have to do is look for the Windows Defender folder.
After locating the same, take ownership of the Windows Defender folder and then, just delete its directory.

Solution 2: Disable Windows Defender:
To disable Windows Defender, navigate to the ‘Update and Security’ option from the ‘Settings’ of your Windows 10 computer.
Under it, select the Windows Defender option and then, click on ‘Open Windows Defender Security Center.’
After doing so, select the ‘Virus and threat protection’ option to turn off the real-time protection of ‘Windows Defender’ in order to finally disable it.

That’s it! These two are the possible solutions that you should consider to disable antimalware service executable for simply fixing the high usage issue of ‘High Memory Usage by Antimalware Service Executable.’

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