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What do you do when you are not working?

Most of us work 8-9 hours a day at our jobs.

Most people sleep 6-8 hours a day, leaving them with 18-16 hours of awake time.

Lately I realized, that for years, in my free time, I used to LOSE myself in the virtual world. It is too easy for a developer to keep in their computer even if they are not working. This includes, gaming, surfing the internet, watching YouTube/series/movies or any other online activity.

It is easy to tell someone to get a hobby, or exercise or read a book. But what if I don't like any of these? What if I already do them, but I still have free time on my hand?

How do you spend your free time? What advice do you have for someone who just got 6-8 hours of free time on their hand, and they don't know what to do for that long, every day! (even more on the weekends!)

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Omri Gabay

Play Sunset Overdrive.

Oh wait, no videogames.

Get out of the house so youre not tempted to use your computer.

Play guitar somewhere far away from your computer.

Find communities; religious, technical, athletic, etc to be a part of outside of your house.

Spend time with your family.