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RandoPHP and Hacktoberfest

It was an amazing month!

For my side "night" project RandoPHP, I received a lot of High Quality Pull Request. At the end, just for this project, I merged 40 Pull Request during Hacktoberfest!!! So, I would like to say thank you to all the contributors from the Open Source PHP Community.
I think that it was an amzing opportunity to meet and know new developers, with different skill (from learner to "pro").
On my side, apart of improve the project with new features, it was a great opportunity to learn more from community, specially for "best practices" and go deeper with Design Patterns etc. We are just at the begin, I think that the project could be improved a lot in "code quality" perspective and I can learn more. I love all of this!
PS: while I'm writing this post, the Unit Test for the mentioned project reaches the code coverage at 100%!!! ;)

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