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Are programmers ignoring memory management while coding?

While analysing types of bugs reported by Finotes from live mobile apps, we noticed that close to 50% of the bugs are memory related. They manifest as crashes, UI sluggishness, screen loading delays and such, but root cause seems to be not managing memory well enough in code.

Adding object references in Lists, and not removing them after losing logical relevance is one common mistake programmers do. Easily avoidable if they are bit more careful while designing usage of Lists in their applications.

Coming from Unix - C era in software programming when memory management used to be one of the key metrics to measure quality of the code, I am thinking adding more weightage for such bugs while calculating quality score of apps in Finotes will help the developers understand the importance of keeping memory management in mind while writing code. As of now the quality score is a function of severity of the bugs alone.

Your thoughts?

[Finotes ( is an SDK that detects bugs in live mobile apps. Finotes will start sharing the quality score of apps with developers soon.]

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