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Two months back our website finotes.com never featured in google first 100 pages for any of the common keywords that our target audience would search for. And our (mine and @donpeter06 ’s) knowledge of SEO is near zero. Tried watching some videos on the topic and started experimenting. Well, the results were hopeless.

Honestly, we were not convinced with some of the expert ‘SEO & digital marketing’ advices that we got (no offence to SEO experts out there). The advices were focused on ‘cheating’ Search Engine algorithms than any real ‘optimisation’ of the website. We decided to do some real hard work and started going deep into SEO concepts.

Our understanding now is that the search engines encourage well-written and reliable content. Search engines are smart and they learn fast when they are cheated and will keep improving their algorithms. So we removed all the ‘claims’ and adjectives like ‘intelligent’, ‘fastest’ and such. Rewrote some of the the content to ensure we showcase exactly what we do. Corrected the spelling mistakes and grammatical errors. Simple things indeed. The focus is now completely on the content.

Soon we noticed we are getting more signups and app integrations every day on an average. Our November numbers showed an average of 1.2 signups per day. For December till date the average has gone up to 2.6.

The results were not surprising. We had already started appearing in first 5 pages for most of the keywords. For keywords like “Detect bugs in iOS”, “Detect frame rate issues in iOS” we are now in page one of Google. DuckDuckGo results are even better. We are getting good results in Bing, Yahoo and Yandex too.

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SEO is a process. So we keep working on it every single day. It requires lot of effort to be there in the relevant result set, even more effort to continue being there and improving the position is most difficult.

If you are an early stage B2B SaaS founder and would like to know more about how we worked (and continue to work) on our website SEO, feel free to ping. Happy to share whatever little knowledge we acquired.

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Software Engineer. Architecting Finotes - an SDK that autodetect bugs in mobile apps.


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