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Rodrigo Diaz
Rodrigo Diaz

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This is my website

Hi, I'm recently changing careers and am starting a new career in tech, specifically I'm looking into Front End development. I have a background in architecture and customer service, and have had many jobs in many areas, from painting houses, set dresser on a film studio, bar tender to architecture designing a petrol station (remotely) in Africa and flight attendant. 2020 was not nice to any of us and I saw myself changing careers sooner that I was expecting, I was already looking into changing careers in tech but was taken there way before I was ready.
After being made redundant as flight attendant, I saw myself looking forward to start a new career in tech, I have had tried it before a little bit, but realised that that time long ago, I lacked structure and was jumping all over the place wanting to know everything, so I learn a little :(
This time I decided to have a different approach and enrolled in a full stack development bootcamp, get some structure, some knowledge and somewhere to start from. So here I am... looking for jobs already.
And now I present you my website, it is not a finished product, but at least I have a little online presence. I plan on working on a better design and making it a bit more interactive, so please feel free to any feedback you might have.

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Malte Riechmann

Hi Rodrigo πŸ‘‹

Welcome to web development. I just checked your website. Congratulations, you did it. You published a website about you and your services. Awesome.

Some feedback to improve:

  • Add better HTML titles, which will improve your SEO rating.
  • Make your website work on multiple screen sizes. Check out responsive webdesign.
  • Set a maximum width for textual content. On large screens it is really hard to read the longer section about you.
  • Add a favicon to your website.
  • There is one image with a missing alt tag. You should always provide proper alternative texts for images.
  • Your website loads a lot of JavaScript, but I do not see why JavaScript is needed at all. You should only use JavaScript, if you need it.
  • Run Google Lighthouse to get more tips.

In general I advise you to learn more basics.

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Rodrigo Diaz

Thanks so much! I'll work on that. :)

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Adam Crockett πŸŒ€

What lovely feedback 😊

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Ariful Alam

Nice work. I just have one suggestion. The right side of the home page looks empty. Move the avatar section to the center.

Also, if you have time, checkout a portfolio builder that I have made:

GitHub logo arifszn / gitprofile

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To view a live example, click here.


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Who hosts your site?

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Rodrigo Diaz

I hosted it on gatsby cloud

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What do they charge? Annually

Thread Thread
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Rodrigo Diaz

The have 3 tiers, one of them is free (the one I'm on), so I guess it depends on your needs.

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Nice website!

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acode123 • Edited

Tip, the domain isn't very professional. First, use a .name or .com domain, Secondly, add newletters.

Other than that, great article!

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Rodrigo Diaz

Thanks! yeah! I want to work on that, both on the domain name and building some content :)