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👨‍💻Rohit 🪄
👨‍💻Rohit 🪄

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Suggest me some web dev project Ideas💡in comments 👇

Hello world
This is Rohit an another coding introvert, Who is struggling to find some webdev project ideas💡. Which I can complete as a challenge until the end of this month and year also whoever will see this post let me know what can you suggest me. Comment down in comment section below 👇.

Resons why I'm posting this question on blog:

  1. Don't have audience on Twitter.
    Here's my Twitter handle🐦

  2. Not either on instagram
    Here's my Instagram handle 📸

  3. Part of amezing community😎.

Please let me know your idea in comment I'll share daily my experience on that projects with you.

With that said let's grow as community.

_Nothing to prove, Everything to improve.

Thanks for reading peace out✌️.


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parenttobias profile image
Toby Parent

Something I'm toying with, and that I think has some great potential, is a front-end for the SpaceTraders API. ( The game is entirely built from this API, and it's intended to demonstrate how to connect to an API and write a front-end that maintains state on the back.

There are a lot of directions you could go with it. One of the things I like about the game is the pieces it's missing. It provides a snapshot of your inventory/value at any point, but it doesn't show you past trades, profit/loss, market trends... I think it'd be great to first build out the core game as a front-end project, and then work on extending it by wrapping that API in an Apollo GraphQL, so you can write custom add-ons. In-game chat, "milk runs", the possibilities for automated or enhanced game play with an existing (limited) framework.

Just an idea I've been toying with, and one that I think holds a lot of possibility. Not only as a portfolio piece, but as you're developing, you could blog or write or podcast about it regularly, sharing enhancements and ideas as they happen. Great way to build the portfolio and a following, all at once.

rohitcodes profile image
👨‍💻Rohit 🪄

Thanks a lot @parenttobias this will be amazing to build..

lukoie profile image
Ulrikhe Lukoie

i can give you a real challenge for your portfolio.the app for a covid certificate certification, which is top notch task for the moment. and we will put it online for free.
if youre interested, contact me at lukoie at msn dot com

rohitcodes profile image
👨‍💻Rohit 🪄

Thanks for commenting this sounds interesting. I'll catch you soon.

lestrae profile image

Create your own theme for WordPress. You will work with css, js, php, and how far in your theme development you can go is up to you.
WordPress is very popular cms, so it will be good experience.

rohitcodes profile image
👨‍💻Rohit 🪄

Thanks @lestrae 😊

lukeshiru profile image
Luke Shiru

Here 👍

ceoshikhar profile image

I really like Luke after I read his "you don't need ..." series.

rohitcodes profile image
👨‍💻Rohit 🪄

Thanks you so much @lukeshiels

posandu profile image

wrong ping

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