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Rohit  Patil
Rohit Patil

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Indian Government says BIG NO to Self Driving Cars

On 25th July 2017 Nitin Gadkari, Union Minister for Roads and Transport said India will not allow driver-less cars to ply on its roads.

The reason being that focus of the government is to create more jobs to arrest unemployment.His exact words were “How can we allow such vehicles when we already have huge number of unemployed people?” Gadkari also said there is already annual shortage of about 22,000 trained drivers in India.

These words come from the same government which could not stop selling of BS-III Vehicles (which was for saving environment) and at last Supreme Court had to intervene to settle the issue once and for all.

This is where we are wrong. I know India will be the last country in the world where self driving car will go live on roads but still this is not a cogent reason.

This kind of thinking is not new in India. In the whole world computers were quickly adapted, but in India, they faced opposition and the reason was same (“Unemployment”) and today we see that because of computers many jobs were created.

I don’t know what happens to companies who are developing SDC’s and need to test on roads.

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