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Rohov Dmytro
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Strong Will to Own Your Content in Era of Platforms

Do anyone strongly willing to have a personal website owning all of content and how it displays?

I do want to. Something inside of me constantly resists to go all in on social media websites. I have hard time realizing that most of the content will be buried forever in a couple of days.

Do anybody can relate to what I am saying?

And the problem is that it's hard to compete with popular platforms for readers attention.

What do you think about this topic?

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Ravi Ojha

At first, I assumed the question was about blog posts, so yes, I think it's a good idea to keep those organized under your own domain in a specific path. It also serves as a central place to showcase your thoughts. Then you can crosspost to different mediums using canonical links to maintain sanity in the world of search crawlers. Or the other way around, whichever works. So you aren't necessarily competing, you're complementing.

I maintain one myself and it has helped me land two startup jobs so far (I didn't originally plan this) but later I got to know this because everyone wants to know how you are as a person before they choose to work with you. And this also suggests that you're good at written communication (especially important for remote jobs).

Although, on second thoughts, you mention social media. I wouldn't necessarily put up tweets on my personal website.

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Rohov Dmytro • Edited

Thank you for your response. 🤗

I do agree that they do complement in some way. I am having great time posting on a d reaching people to share what I got. That's really great!

The area is where platforms compete with blogs is the area of long term relationships. People visit platforms, people click, people come, people go.

I am not complaining against reality. 😀 I am wondering how others who do not feel extremely comfortable with this situation think and what is their POV.