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Roland D. De Casa
Roland D. De Casa

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Im a Php Dev. Don't hurt me. :)

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Magnus Skog

Let me tell you a quick story about PHP.
Back in 2012 or so we decided to rewrite our old legacy system because it was completely unworkable. We also decided to switch from a framework-less PHP system to a shiny new Ruby on Rails setup because we couldn't find a PHP framework that we all liked. Ruby on Rails was also so tempting because it was so easy to be productive in it. Ruby provided testing, which we had none of, as well as developer happiness.

It's 2019 now and if we look at Ruby/Rails right it is definitively not "hot" anymore and some might say it is dying. PHP however now has the Laravel framework for example with its obvious Rails influences, shiny new Vue components and TESTING.

The point is: Do not ever be ashamed of using PHP. When it all comes down PHP will still be around!

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Roland D. De Casa

thanks! i won't.. :)