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Aesthetic - Your Next Landing Page

Looking to spruce up your website, or building the next big deal? Well, I've got your landing page!

Good looks are everything!

Well, to me at least. I like to say that good form = good function, and vice versa. I reject the notion that in order for something look good, it has to sacrifice functionality. At the same time, I don't believe that minimalism has to translate into sacrificing aesthetic appeal.

Aesthetic With A Dark Background

Unique Visuals

Glass UI

Contact Page Open

Enjoy the beauty of a glassy UI, bringing an appealing and modern look to your page. No need to poke around trying to figure it out for yourself!

Radial Menu

Aesthetic with the circle menu open

Aesthetic is unlike most of the templates you may find floating around the net. Featuring a stunning radial menu (with up to 8 items), Aesthetic will encourage returning visitors to develop a quick muscle memory for your website, which is useful for sites with high traffic.

Photography takes centre stage

Rather than relying on a bland backdrop, go all the way in and include eye-catching photography!

Aesthetic With A Floral Background

Easy customization

A screenshot of some of the variables in Aesthetic

As I stated earlier, I believe that good form and good function go hand in hand, so I've extended that to the code itself. Aesthetic is easy to customize without having to dig through lines of code. Simply tweak the variables at the top of the CSS file, and you can reskin the entire page in seconds.

Interested? Grab it here:

Now that you've seen what Aesthetic can do, why not check it out? You can grab it from my Gumroad page, or check it out live on my website.

You can also check out some free resources on my Gumroad Page, such as the full source code for CSS Funstuff Series of projects!

  1. CSS Funstuff - Waveforms
  2. CSS Funstuff - Halfway Borders
  3. CSS Funstuff - Combinators Primer

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