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We added DEV articles into our Coding News App

Disclosure: This is my first article written here and I've discovered community recently 😊

Being an active reader on HackerNews, Reddit and ProductHunt, one day I wanted to find some sort of news for coding and programming languages in the field that I'm working, Web Development.

Due to the fact that I was on my phone, I've searched the GooglePlay marketplace to see if there are any apps I can use on a daily basis to stay up to date. To my surprise I couldn't find any that I could use. πŸ€”

So I've teamed up with a friend from work to create this app. I've made the backend side, the aggregation of multiple RSS/JSON sources with a RESTful API and he made the Android App. πŸ’ͺ

Code News logo

We called the app simple "Code News - News for Programmers". As I was looking for different sources to integrate new news into the app. I've come across the community. I've immediately fallan in love with it's design and the awesome articles that they have.

I've contacted them and they provided me an RSS feed to add into the app. Thank you! ❀️

Also we made a small customization for the articles into the app:

img1 img2
Code News with articles Code News with articles

We'd love if you guys give us some feedback for our project. Also we talked to another friend and he's working on the iOS version too πŸ˜„ so it's coming! You can check the android version here.

Thank you DEV community for your awesome articles! πŸ™‡β€β™‚οΈ

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