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Geolocation with Postgresql+Nestjs+Typeorm

Hi everyone. It's been a long time since I last posted something.

Some time ago I needed create an application that using geolocation to find ads nearby.

In my search, I take the easy solution which was to use Firebase.

Integration was easy because it was a new project. I did some testing and this worked great. I don't have much experience with Firebase.

Some problems I had were the following:

  • Try modeling tables in Firebase collections.
  • Thinking about the cost.
  • Difficulty trying to query multiple related collections

If I had more experience with Firebase this would be easy for me, but it is not the case.

So I found another solution that I think is easy to integrate.

Geo postgresql. You can visit the original publication and see in more detail all the explanations.

I did an example with Nestjs.

You can download this repository and run docker-compose up -d, this should get the server up. And you can access url /docs.

I hope this publication is helpful to you. I made a video tutorial in Spanish.

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