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Romaric P.

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A Rust lib to deploy microservices apps on any Cloud provider

Hi 👋, after months of hard work with my team of 6. I am glad to announce that we have open-sourced our deployment engine.

Qovery engine is still under development, but more than 600 developers and dozens of successful companies use our Engine for 11 months through Qovery.


  • Zero infrastructure management: Qovery Engine initialized, configure, and manage your Cloud account for you.
  • Multi-Cloud: Qovery Engine is built to work on AWS, GCP, Azure, and any Cloud provider.
  • On top of Kubernetes: Qovery Engine takes advantage of the power of Kubernetes at a higher level of abstraction.
  • Terraform and Helm: Qovery Engine uses Terraform and Helm files to manage the infrastructure and app deployment.
  • Powerful CLI: Use the provided Qovery Engine CLI to deploy your app on your Cloud account seamlessly.

Qovery engine supports many different plugins to compose your own deployment flow.

As Qovery Engine is a plugin system, we are looking for contributors interested in helping us making Rust successful in the Cloud industry.

What do you think?

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