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What is JDK Architecture in JAVA

JDK Architecture


  • JVM Stands For Java Virtual Machine it is an interpeter which is use to convert byte code to machine level languages line by line

  • JVM is present in JRE

What is JRE?


  • It Consists of JVM And built in library files which is use to executes JAVA Applications

  • If We want to only execute Java Applications we need to install JRE

  • JRE is Present In JDK

JDK:- JAVA Development Kit

  • JDK stands For java Development Kit

  • it is a package given by oracle community.

  • Which is use to develop as well as run java software execution

  • JDK consists of JRE and Development tools

Note:- JDK is Platform Dependent, software made by JDK are Platform Independent

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