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Rosieland Roundup 161 - Choose your own Slack Adventure 🤠

⛄ Do you want to build a snowman or a community? I might be building both this week!

🌈 On Rosieland

🤠 I just joined a Slack where you could “choose your own adventure”

📝 This week in community

✨ Shout out to a new community writer who is also speaking to my rosie heart.

#01 Make Community the 💜 of your Product Strategy - Becky Pierson

🛎 Rosieland Marketplace

Highlights of events, sponsors, our community consultants and jobs list.

🗓 Attend community events

🌈 The UX of Community - How can you create a great community experience? Use UX and Product approaches to make communities people love. (Get 20% off)

🙏🏽 Sponsors:

🚀 Discourse - The powerful, open platform for communities of all kinds. From companies to creators, thousands trust Discourse as the place to build flourishing, civilized communities.

👋 Threado - the command center for community builders. Get insights, automate workflows, and activate more members across Slack, Discord, and other platforms.

🤝 Hire community consultants

🇺🇸 Jake McKee - is a long time community consultant and one of the founders of the modern community movement, having who has worked at companies such as Apple and LEGO. His mantra for community development is “Everybody goes home happy”, ensuring that both company and community get what they want in an open, honest collaboration. Jake created Dinner5, an invitation-only monthly dinner series that brings senior online community leaders together for conversation, connection, and camaraderie.

🇺🇸 Max Pete - Offering services in community coaching, community platform and launch planning, and community audits. My ideal client is either looking to launch a community or has just launched one and looking for support.

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