CSS Flexbox in 30 seconds

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Flexbox is a CSS layout mode that aims to simplify responsive layout development. Flexbox layouts use two types of elements: flex containers and flex items. Flex containers have a primary axis (called the main axis) and a secondary axis (called the cross axis). Flex items are nested inside flex containers and can be aligned, sized, scaled, and ordered relative to the main or cross axis of the container. The visual order of flex items on the screen is independent of their HTML source order.

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I like these.. but I think it would an improvement if you ended with a couple of “further reading” links or other resources.


Thanks Cody. I started writing these because I often find myself frustrated with the rambling and self-indulgent nature of technical tutorials and explanations. Sometimes I am on a deadline and I really just need to understand the essence of something so I can move forward. The idea is that anything that is absolutely essential to the concept is included in these 100 words, and everything else is eliminated.

I was thinking if lots of people contributed these short 100 word explanations of things they are good at, they could all be linked together. As you read one explanation, other relevant explanations would be suggested. There could be a website that organizes all of these explanations, makes them searchable and discoverable. Maybe the website could be called "Savvy" and each of the explanations would be "Savvies." Would anyone out there use a site like that?

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