How to use moment.js with React

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After some refactoring and some adjustments, my football almanac application looks like this

Alt Text

Alt Text

There is a last thing to work on: the date and time of each match.

Installing moment.js

I install moment.js

npm install --save moment react-moment

and I import it in the Match.tsx component

import Moment from 'react-moment';
<div className={classes.cardHeader}>
  <Typography variant="overline" display="block" gutterBottom>

In this way, I obtain the date and time formatted

Alt Text

Advanced formatting

moment.js allows different date formats. If you want to learn more about it, visit the official documentation.

I prefer a more readable format. Something like 1st January 2020 - 19.00 should work.

<Moment format="Do MMMM YYYY - HH:mm">{utcDate}</Moment>

Alt Text

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