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Rossano D'Angelo
Rossano D'Angelo

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New beginnings

This is my first post on my new blog! How exciting!

I’m a UI software engineer at IBM and I’m based in Galway, Ireland. I love working with JavaScript and lately I’m doing practice with React. It’s a great UI library and it’s not so difficult to learn.

The main purposes of this blog are keep track of my learning, improve my communication and time management skills and share with others what I know about software development.

As a GDG Assistant at the GDG Galway, I’d like to do great stuff with the community and I’m enthusiast to inspire and help people even through this blog.

I like learning and using best practices for my work and everyday I try to become a better developer than I was the day before.

So, let’s do it.

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Cubicle Buddha

Welcome! :)