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QuickPublisher - A Simple Blogging Platform (Milestone)

Its been 5 months since I released my blogging platform, QuickPublisher. It started as a bumpy ride. But in the past 9 days, alot happened. I am here to share the results.

The best moment was when QuickPublisher had 1 daily active user. Many people would laugh at this stat. But this felt amazing. I always believe that Daily Active User (DAU) is the most important metric (big or small startup). It was amazing to have one blogger who always posted 5 articles daily and would give feedback on bugs in the platform, requested features and room for improvement.

Between April and August 15th, I gained 290 more daily active users (slow but better).

Everything changed on August 16th. I posted a link on HackerNews and within 5minutes I was on top of the SHOWHN page. This major coup led QuickPublisher to 600 daily active users in total.

Today, QuickPublisher has 289 users on the premium plan which only costs $15.99/year to point your blog to a custom domain, blogging collaboration and many more premium features.

You can checkout the platform at to get started.


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