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Create & share your CV for anyone to review it online

Many job seekers apply to 80-100 jobs per day or per week. Most job seekers never get feedback or replies as to what went wrong their CVs and application.

My platform provides an online intuitive system where job seekers are able to create and share links to their CVs with anyone for a quick review per section.

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This is the CV review equivalent of reddit's "roast my startup".

A video introduction showing how the online CV review feature works.

The video link is

My platform is relatively new. Hence I am giving free premium coupon codes to the next 50 people.

Register here and then I'll be sending your free premium coupon code.

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Lucas Trevisan

I can't register, page does not load :/

rotimi_je_suis profile image

Hi Lucas. Which page are you on? main website or register page?