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Rust and its friendly crates: Don't miss out on them!

🦀Hello to all Rust lovers!

You're probably here because you already know about the myriad wonders the Rust programming language has to offer. It's true that Rust is a powerful language on its own, but with the help of friendly libraries it's even more!

That's why I decided to put together a list of the most useful Rust libraries you should know about. Let's get started!


Tired of writing code to serialize and deserialize data? Serde makes it easy and efficient.


Need to build fast and scalable web applications? Actix-web is the library you need.


Want to query your database without writing manual SQL code? With Diesel, you can do all that and more.


Need to perform search and replace operations on strings in a simple and efficient way? Regex is the perfect library for you.


Need an easy and flexible way to log your application's debug messages and errors? Log is the library you're looking for.


Hyper is an HTTP client and server library for Rust. It provides a fast and efficient way to make HTTP requests and handle HTTP responses, making it a great choice for building web services and applications.


Rocket is an open-source web framework for Rust. It's designed to be simple, fast, and secure, and it makes it easy to build web applications and services with Rust.


Tonic is a library for developing gRPC services in Rust. gRPC is a high-performance, open-source framework for building remote procedure call (RPC) APIs, and Tonic makes it easy to create gRPC services in Rust.


Warping is a web application framework for Rust. It provides a simple and efficient way to build web applications, and it makes it easy to handle HTTP requests and responses.


Amethyst is an open-source game engine for Rust. It provides a powerful and flexible framework for building games, and it makes it easy to create games that run on a variety of platforms.


Bevy is a Data-Driven (ECS) game engine for Rust. Your project can be structured in plugins. Also, you can install community plugins from GitHub.


In conclusion, Rust has a vast and thriving ecosystem of libraries that can help you build fast, reliable, and efficient applications and services. Whether you're building a web application, a game engine, or a microservice, Rust has the tools you need to get the job done. So, don't miss out on these friendly Rust libraries, and start building amazing things today!

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