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Advent of Code is Almost Here!

Advent of Code starts on Sunday, and I'm so excited!

I was going to write a whole post on how to join in, tips and tricks for success, and more, but then I found this post by Jon Bristow (@jbristow):

His article hits all of the points that I wanted to make and more, much more eloquently.

So the short version is this. Advent of Code is happening. It starts on Sunday, December 1st. Last year we had a small-ish group of people that took part by posting their solutions in daily discussion threads here on DEV. We also had a community leaderboard (not for the competitiveness of it, but just to see how everybody is doing).

You should join in if this sounds fun! Even if you've never done it before. Especially if you've never done it before!

Here are some things you can do to get ready!

  • Ask me any questions you might have or things you might be worried about.
  • Tell us what your plans and goals are!
  • What language(s) are you planning on trying?
  • Did you do it last year? Or in the last few years?
  • Are you doing anything special to get ready?
  • If you're up for it, I made a leaderboard (or, community support/encouragement board! 😄). You can use code 224198-25048a19 to join!
  • I'll be back on 12/1 with the first day's discussion post on, but if you're at all interested in helping out with those posts and leading some or many days of the discussion yourself, I'd love the help! Let me know.

I'm so excited!

Merry Coding!

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Ryan Palo

I'll start! I've participated in Advent of Code for the last two years during the event. I've also gone in and tried to back-fill the 2016 and 2017 events, with varying amounts of success. A lot of these challenges are hard for me, but I still love them.

My plan is to try my hardest to complete the challenges with C++ to help learn it. However, if I get super duper stuck and am not being productive, I'll fall back onto Ruby.

I really hope that I can stick with it and complete (or at least attempt) all 25 days. Our 7-month-old is really the boss of my schedule at this point, though. So we'll see.