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Working on the "Ramda Ramp-Up Guide"

Hi, folks!

After using ramda since early 2016 and individually helping so many people level up their functional programming in JS, I've decided to write down all the things at This is a work in progress, and I need you to help guide some of the learning.

This opinionated guide will cover topics from beginner to advanced skill levels, as well as best practices learned from using ramda at scale in production since 2016. There will also be interactive examples as you learn!

Where do you come in? Answer any of the following in the comments!

  • What were your biggest pain points with learning ramda?
  • What things do you still not quite understand?
  • What would you like to see in a guide?
  • How and where do you use ramda?
  • What else would you like to say on the subject?

If you want to help me further, sign up for updates on to get updates about when new content is published (there are also RSS and Atom feeds). This will also help me gauge interest and inspire me to get it done! Content will of course be cross-posted to the community, too.

Robert W. Pearce

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