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Parsing unstructured text without code?

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Hi there,

I have a table of unstructured text in the form of brand names. Some cells are clean and others are mushed together (see below).

Is there a simple way for me to parse this text without code (not a current skill)? The end result I need is a count of mentions per brand.

Nike, Adidas, Champion, Puma, Outdoor Voices, Gaiam, Fila, Fabletics, Under Armor
"Outdoor voices
Lu lu lemon
Girlfriend collective

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Seems like you could get one brand for each line by replacing the comma with a newline. Then maybe remove the " and any other symbols you see. A number of tools will allow you to count occurrences of each brand for example sort | uniq -c


I don't know of a platform that would allow you to do this without code in a flexible way. I googled "unique word counter online" and found some promising links that look to do a similar task to what you are describing. You might try manually adapting the input or output to one of these to get a result you like. Best of luck! πŸ”°


It’s look like csv file, which can be opened by the excel

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