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Rahul S Sharma
Rahul S Sharma

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Developed a tool to help the medical industry

My Final Project is based on Deep learning to categorize the stage of diabetic retinopathy eye disease. I was always fascinated by how machines help humans in real-world problems.
Before my final year project, I developed a memory matching game for fun

Link to Code

Diabetic Retinopathy Detection Deployment Code
Memory matching Game Code

How I built it

I've used transfer learning to train the model and used computer vision to highlight the affected areas of the disease.
I've have used flask for faster implementation, integration, and deployment process of the deep learning model as a responsive web app.

For the Memory matching Game, I've used pure java swings to develop the game.

Additional Thoughts

I believe that Idle and Empty Mind is the devil's Workshop, so always keep ur mind busy, learn, and develop something new, help each other, and grow.

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krishna kakade

Deploy to netlify or heroku so i/we can see implementation rahul:)