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Using Destructuring Assignment to Extract Values from Objects

Randy Rivera
Once I truly put my mind on something, I won't ever stop.
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Destructuring assignment is special syntax introduced in ES6, for neatly assigning values taken directly from an object.

  • Consider the following ES5 code:
  yesterday: 75,
  today: 77,
  tomorrow: 80

const yesterday = HIGH_TEMPERATURES.yesterday;
const today =;
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  • yesterday would have a value of 75, and would have the value 77.

  • Now let's Replace the two assignments with an equivalent destructuring assignment. It should still assign the variables today and tomorrow the values of today and tomorrow from the HIGH_TEMPERATURES object.

const { today, tomorrow } = HIGH_TEMPERATURES;
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console.log(today); will display 77
console.log(tomorrow); will display 80
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