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Randy Rivera
Randy Rivera

Posted on

Using the delete Keyword to Remove Object Properties

  • Now you know what objects are and their basic features and advantages. In short, they are key-value stores which provide a flexible, intuitive way to structure data, and, they provide very fast lookup time.
  • In earlier posts, we have both added to and modified an object's key-value pairs.
  • Here we will see how we can remove a key-value pair from an object. Let's revisit our foods object example one last time. If we wanted to remove the oranges, plums, and strawberries keys, we can remove it by using the delete keyword like this:
let foods = {
  apples: 25,
  oranges: 32,
  plums: 28,
  bananas: 13,
  grapes: 35,
  strawberries: 27

delete foods.oranges;
delete foods.plums;
delete foods.strawberries;
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console.log(foods); // console will display 
{ apples: 25, bananas: 13, grapes: 35 }
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