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Agile Marketing Strategy - Reasons Behind To Implement for Your SME

Agile marketing has gained huge popularity and has become an everyday term, this term does not refer to just performing marketing but it is all about running marketing. Businesses who want to improve their accountability, adaptability, speed, predictability, etc can implement an agile marketing strategy for their business.

According to Harvard Business Research, many giant businesses are more likely to use an agile process for their firms. They use six times more agile practices than those companies that don’t perform due to a lack of agile marketing. As per the recent research mentioned that agile employees work hard on their own, they outperform their work by nearly 20%.

What Exactly Agile Marketing Means?

Basically, agile marketing is the process of using analytics and data to portrait excellent solutions that help in dealing with all the marketing problems. This process offers real-time measuring results and quick iterations. Using agile marketing you can easily get dynamic solutions for all your business problems. When you implement agile marketing customer satisfaction comes at topmost priority, you have to satisfy your customer with continuous delivery of marketing that creates value for your business as well as solves every problem.

According to VersionOne Survey in 2017, almost 98% of businesses have achieved success within their field by using an agile marketing strategy. And according to AgileSherpa's First Annual State of Agile Marketing Report, only 37% of marketing departments are using this strategy.

Know Why Agile Marketing is So Effective for Your Business?

The agile marketing approach includes long term applications, deliberate, specific processes, and methodologies that help businesses to improve and manage their business. This helps them to focus on deliberate experimentation, strategic vision, frequent releases, etc. Businesses who implement this marketing strategy can achieve massive success in their business which mainly depends on business culture and type of industry. Lets elaborate on some of the benefits which are offered by an agile marketing strategy to businesses.

Improve Transparency

Close alignment with other departments of your business is required for carrying out marketing work effectively. And the agile marketing strategy offers complete transparency to the businesses. When you implement this marketing strategy in your business your sales, development, and management team can easily know what is going on for the marketing purpose.

Sprint review meetings can be conducted which allow the sales, development, and management team to provide their valuable input into marketing. After this meeting, they can prepare the best strategy and can allocate the task accordingly to get the best result for the business. By maintaining transparency the marketing team can easily interact with customers to solve their doubts. You can encourage your marketing teams by implementing an agile marketing strategy for your business. This can help your marketing team to engage closely with your ideal customers.

Excellent Measuring Ability

Everyone clearly knows that Marketing relies on predictions and agile marketing is all about metrics and measurability. One of the primary benefits offered by agile marketing is accountability and measurement. Agile marketing teams can carry out small tests and can measure the results which help them plan out their investment in a better way.

Agile marketing strategy emphasizes on improving marketing ability, one of the main principles of this marketing strategy emphasize on learning via a feedback loop that is "build measure learn". While implementing this strategy you need to measure key performance indicators (KPIs) which will help you derive important data and metrics using which you can set further planning for enhancing your business.

Customer Satisfaction

Customer satisfaction comes at top post priority for all sizes of business these days. Customer needs must be satisfied quickly and they must be provided by the clear and honest information regarding your business product or services. And when you implement the agile marketing strategy it serves the same purpose by keeping clients satisfaction at the topmost priority.

Improved internal communication

One of the biggest benefits offered by agile marketing is that it improves internal communication. It improves communications between development, sales, and management team by offering them complete transparency. Businesses can conduct daily scrum meetings which can help everyone knows what is actually going on?, What other team members are doing? what obstacles are encountered?. This can also help to fulfill the gap of communication among the team members.

Why You Must Implement an Agile Marketing Strategy for Your Business?

New technology is the foundation of each and every activity in this business world and marketing activities is not an exceptional one. Marketing activities such as developing the application or web sites, lead generation, content marketing, a/b testing, social media engagement, video production, SEO tactics, etc depends on technology enhancement. And due to the drastic transformation that has taken place in the business industry, it becomes vital for the business to adopt agile or similar marketing strategy.

Identify the Problem

Before stepping ahead to any new task you need to identify the problem of those particular areas and then prioritize the tasks accordingly. And agile marketing strategy serves the same purpose for your business it helps you to find the obstacles of your business. Before switching to agile marketing you can find out why you need to implement this strategy and what benefits you will get when you implement this strategy.


After identifying the problem the next step which comes is implementing agile marketing. You can also take the support of the expert or hire offshore developers who can offer an excellent solution for the listed problems. The hired developers or experts will carry out the analyzing process and plan out the solution accordingly. They will outline a clear map after completing the analyzing process and will develop the full proof strategies which will answer all the requirements of your business.


You can test your developed solutions for quality and effectiveness. Testing is the primary step after development as it helps you find out the least productive and non-functioning solution. After that, you can implement an agile strategy to develop the most valuable plans for your business. Keep in mind that agile marketing values data and testing over conventions and opinions. Also, remember that you must never afraid of failing and dropping those tactics which are not working for your business.


For enjoying the benefits offered by agile marketing it is important that you must analyze data and metrics, measure performance and results regularly and keep track of it. You can take advantage of technology such as Google Analytics and Google’s URL builder. This tools will definitely help you to find out which links are offering more traffic for your website.

After gathering all the data you must analyze it carefully and find the hurdles of your business. This will also help you to plan the next steps, this will also let you know whether the applied strategy is offering the desired result for your business or not. After analyzing, you can make the required changes in the current working process.

Few Taglines

By implementing an effective marketing strategy you can take your business to the next level of success. Traditional marketing methods are sequential, rigid, and predictive and also does not offer the needed outcome for your business. Whereas the agile marketing methods are flexible, adaptive, and iterative which offers an excellent outcome for all sizes of businesses. Hence agile marketing strategy is one of the best strategies for the marketing domain, this strategy is fast-paced and dynamic which helps you to take your business to the next level of success.

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