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Rupesh Tiwari
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Azure Sandbox Free Account for Learning

Do you want to learn Azure and afraid of being charged your credit card or getting big bills? Learn this article where I will explain how you can get free sandbox account where you can learn Azure by using free Azure resources.

Activating Azure Sandbox Account

In order for learning azure you need access to free resources πŸ†“ given by Microsoft. This is great help from Microsoft. If you will use Sandbox resources then your personal account will not be charged at all.

Sandbox Account Link

This way you can learn Azure quickly without thinking of billing and credit cards πŸ’³. Use this link to Sign in and Activate Sandbox and validate your account.

πŸ‘ Go ahead and activate sandbox in your azure account highly recommended! You have to review the permissions and immediately your permissions will be verified and sandbox will be activated in your account.

Timeline & Sandboxes Allowed per Day

You will be getting limited time and sandboxes per day.

Installing Visual Studio Code Extension

Here is the link for Azure Database Extension Free extension from Microsoft for Visual Studio Code.

Azure Sign In from Visual Studio Code

Let’s login and create new Cosmos DB account and visualize it in the visual studio code.

Azure Sign In

πŸ—½ Log in to Azure using the same account used to create the sandbox. The sandbox provides access to a Concierge Subscription.

Visualizing Free Azure Subscription

In visual studio code select azure panel. Select Concierge Subscription that is free sandbox account. In order to create Cosmos DB account you can always Right click Concierge Subscription , and select Create Server to start creating an Azure Cosmos DB account.

Hurray! πŸ• now you get your free Azure account to learn Azure. Enjoy Azure learning πŸ˜„

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