Finally Completed Hacktoberfest 2020

ruteshrathod profile image Rutesh Rathod ・1 min read

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First Hacktoberfest ✨✨🚀

As I was already a member of Dev Community and also this time i had decided to participate in this Hacktoberfest event. It was really great to contribute open source projects.

And yes I was really new to open source and actually this event really helped me understand and cherish the true spirit of #OpenSource Community


Well there was no specific criteria for me to choose projects. As i was new to open source i grabbed most easy repo's. But here is tricky part one of Repo Maintainer was impressed with my contribution and she made me a permanant contributor of that respective project(project:-time-to-leave).


My Overall experience of Hacktoberfest was damn awesome, made networking with new people, learned lot of things and also became a contributor to a opensource project.


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