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Java Programming: enjoy the fundamentals

I recently took this enjoyable Java Course by Angie Jones, and found it helpful to solidify my understanding of Java fundamentals and, boost my confidence as a dev.

About Angie Jones

Angie's career has included working at IBM, Twitter and, as an adjunct college professor and educator. She's a specialist on test automation, a speaker, inventor and, volunteer with Black Girls Code. Find her on Twitter @techgirl1908, and

The course is structured as video tutorials/transcript, with coding exercises and quizzes to reinforce each topic, with some context from Angie along the way. I found that I understood some concepts better after Angie's explanations, type casting with Polymorphism and the chapters on Collections for example.
This course is free and aimed at beginners, and it's a nicely flowing tutorial which would be a great tool for coaching. I think it would be most suited to:

  • Juniors who want to refresh their Java basics & feel more confident with what you've already learned in Java or another language
  • Developers who coach either juniors or those learning to program using Java
  • Anyone who wants to learn to program in Java*

I learned things I didn't know by doing this course, and also finally realised I knew way more that I thought I did at the same time.

I'm about a year and a half into my career as a professional software developer, and sometimes it's easy to feel not enough, or miles away from your goals. We don't tend to bring outside attention to when we feel inside that we're not doing well, but it's a universal experience for a lot of us. If that sounds like you right now, then know that you're not the only one! Don't compare yourself to others and, find ways to take control to make gains - whether that's a course like this one, or something else.

Test Automation University has courses available on for free on many other topics based on test automation. If you try any of these please let me know what you enjoyed!

*Angie shows you how to set up your work tools to begin writing in Java, some of the pages in the demo have changed so you will need to dig a bit to locate what you need to get started - but don't let that put you off!

I shared this blog post at work and had so many messages of support from peers who either felt the same, or who gave me positive feedback about my work, progress and, attitude. I felt vulnerable putting it out there but I'm glad I did. Special thanks to Urvi for the encouragement! 🦄

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