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List of Open Source Projects ML

List of Open Source Projects ML
Open source is an vast ocean if you are willing to dive in there, here is a list of some open-source projects to which you can contribute as an open-source contributor. Anyone can contribute to these repositories from beginners to experts based on their understanding and skills.

I have not explained about the projects, attaching GitHub links of the repositories where you will find all the necessary information and steps for contribution.

  1. Apple Foliar AI

  2. Hands-on-ML-Basic-To-Advance

  3. Health Check

  4. Code Trophs

  5. klar EDA

  6. Kitabe

  7. Operationlizing-ML

  8. Face-X

  9. Automatic Attendance Management System

  10. CoinShift-Imaging-Box

  11. Image Processing CV

  12. Forest Trees Tagging

  13. CamOps

  14. EduHelp

  15. Plant Disease Detection

For getting started with open source , make sure you are sure about your skills and confident enough to contribute and solve the issues out there. And most important is you have to be patient for grabbing the issues and also for doing changes which are requested by admins.

Anyone reading this post knows about more repositories can comment and increase this list.

Thank You. Hope it will help you !.

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