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Open Source Montreal Hacktoberfest special meetup

The folks organized around the Open Source Montreal community do their best to organize some meetups from time to time.

This month we're hosting a special Hacktoberfest-themed meetup and Kim Noel will be talking about Open Source!

We’ll go through a kick run down of the history behind Hacktoberfest, an intro to open source and a short demo about contributing – what a documentation contribution looks like, what a code sample contribution looks like, and maybe even checkout some core code contributions! We will also explore what it takes to create a community around your open source project and how to help ensure folks feel safe approaching and contributing to your OSS project.

After this talk, we plan to have lightning talks from the crowd - five minutes each - about open source projects you love or worked on. If you want to present anything just make sure to arrive a bit earlier so that we can get your name on the list.

✏️ take note:

9 October 2019 starting ~6:00pm
Upgrade Inc
1080 Beaver Hall Hill, 2nd floor
Montreal, QC

⚠️ If you live in Montreal or will be visiting during the time and want to attend, make sure to RSVP in our event page:

Note: This meetup follows the Conf Code of Conduct. Please abide by it, and please let the organizers know at the earliest moment if you feel someone else is violating the CoC.

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