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⬢ Node Task List

Looking for a convenient way to list all scripts from a package.json file? What if you could have an interactive list that not only gives you a quick glance but also allows you to run any of these tasks right away? Look no further, Node Task List is the tool you've been looking for. 😊

They say an image is worth a thousand words and in the case of interactive cli tools that can't be more true, check out how it works in a quick gif demo:

gif animation demo showing up a simple usage of ntl

A little bit of history...

ntl started out as a quick prototype side project almost 4 years ago and since then has been improving and adding features thanks to contributions from the community around it. (Shout out to @mkuehnel that has been the most active contributor) ❤️

About a month ago I finally managed to start taking some time to clean up the project, add a proper test suite with 100% coverage and managed to merge the main feature the community had been always asking for: ability to easily repeat the last ran task.

Along with all that work I also did a bit of rebranding, giving the project the more descriptive name of Node Task List and a nice logo. 😄


Outside the already previously mentioned features, ntl also has:

  • Multiple interactive interfaces (menu list, autocomplete fuzzy search)
  • Many options to customize the UI (exclude scripts, amount of items, etc)
  • Add descriptions to each task that can be shown in the UI
  • Easy to repeat last ran script (using a nt command alias)
  • Run multiple tasks (can also easily repeat multiple ran tasks)

If you want to learn more about the features and possible customization check out the project page.

Sold on it? Want to give it a try?

⬇️ Install it now using npm: npm install -g ntl

Also if you're interested in participating, check the project on GitHub 😄

GitHub logo ruyadorno / ntl

Node Task List: Interactive cli to list and run package.json scripts


Node Task List

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Interactive cli tool that lists and run package.json scripts.

An iPipeTo workflow

Table of Contents

⬇️ Install

$ npm install -g ntl

🔎 Usage

Navigate to any folder containing a package.json file (usually a Node.js project) that has configured scripts, then just use the ntl command:

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You can also specify a path to a project folder containing a package.json file:

ntl ./my-node-project
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demo animation

😍 Features

  • Interactive interface that lists all package.json scripts
  • Select any item in the interactive interface to execute that task
  • Add descriptions to each task that can be…

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Nick Taylor

Nice work Ruy! Is Node Task List used in Yeoman, or is that something else?

ruyadorno profile image
Ruy Adorno

oh great question! 😄 actually ntl uses iPipeTo which itself uses Inquirer.js which is the same library Yeoman uses to create its interactive interfaces!