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Week three as a Task Force

Hey Hey Hey!

As we are wrapping up with week three, I'm going to share with you what I encountered throughout this week. It started off with submission of mockups I made from the assignment we were given the previous week to come up with a random project and design mockups for the front-end developers to implement. This was a challenge that I was very happy to take because I learned a lot from it, which also contributed in bettering my design skills.

Later on we learnt about best practices in the design field, where you always have to put yourself in the user's shoes to design the most user friendly platform to better the user experience. This also includes minding the content because it goes hand in hand.
The following sessions were about things we usually go through in our daily lives such as stress management and critical thinking.

In the stress management session I learnt a lot on how to handle stressful situations and how you can manage stress because it is a very inevitable thing. A few ways of managing stress is by giving priority from the thing with highest importance to the least important and to also be organized in whatever you are doing. What marked me the most during this session was the technic of writing a letter to our future self. I think this is something that everyone needs to do because it is motivating when you know exactly what you want in life, it helps you keep going. And to people that believe in the power of manifestation, this would really be of great help.

Lastly, the critical thinking session was very insightful for me because I got to learn that in every situation(mostly in difficult ones), you always have to think out of the box, be open minded to actually try to figure out what is causing a certain problem that you are having.

In conclusion, even though week three was full of many good things, we did not end it on a very good note, that means we have to do better in week four.

Week four, Here I come!!

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