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Setup Firefox for Web Development in 3 Minutes


This article was originally posted on my personal site.

Step 1 - Download Firefox Developer Edition

Go download the Mozilla Firefox Developer Edition.

Step 2 - Add an Ad Blocker

Head to Firefox Addons and install an ad blocker of some sort. I currently use uBlock Origin, but there is also Adblock Plus, Adblock for Firefox, or Ghostery.

Step 3 - Add a Password Manager

password managers

Setup your password manager addon. If you don’t use a password manager, you may want to check out Lastpass, BitWarden, 1Password, or one of the Keepass addons.

note: You can get a month free of Lastpass Premium with this link.


Thanks to FireFox DevTools, and the developer-friendly default settings of the this edition, there isn’t too much you need to do in order to be up and running with FF Dev edition. You may wish to take some time to explore the full capabilities of DevTools, the advanced settings in the about:config, or customize the Firefox UI with CSS.

Honorable Mention

A few other Firefox addons worth checking out include:

If you have any additional recommended addons or protips, please share them.

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